In southern Tunisia, millions of date palms are grown around Chott El Jerid (a dried up inland sea) mainly in the famous oasis of Tozeur and Nafta.

The date palm is a magnificent tree that rises to several tens of meters and produces at the end of the fall its famous exotic fruit: the date.

There are Dozens of varieties of dates in the world but the most famous and most sought after is Deglet Nour, literally «Dates of Light».

With a unique translucent texture through which we can see its core in the in the light, and a soft flesh with a taste of honey, Deglet Nour is mainly produced in Tunisia, where it is exported all over the world.


The date of Tunisia has exceptional nutritional benefits: in addition to the fact that it is very rich in minerals and iron, it also contains fiber and sugar.

With a glass of milk, it is a complete and balanced meal for children and adults.